Asset Publisher

Title Date
Tender notice for Renovation of guard Commander Room at the HQRs. 8/20/18
Tender notice for renovation of underground water reservoir. 8/20/18
e-Tender Notice for deploying an agency for Security Personnel and Housekeepers for guarding and sweeping of Nandan 8/20/18
Tender Notice for repair & renovation of bathroom with al door, change room at the HQRS of CIF, WB. 8/20/18
e-Tender Notice for the pandal, temporary toilet, platform, different temporary camp office, etc. at airport in connection with return journey of Haj Yatra – 2018 8/17/18
e-Tender notice for construction of drain, market complex and go down in different districts. 8/17/18
Tender Notice for Development of concrete road in different districts. 8/16/18
Tender notice for Petty repair & renovation of Major office (Inside & Roof). 8/16/18
Tender Notice for Construction of Market Link Road in Malda District. 8/14/18
Tender notice for appointment of Statutory Auditor. 8/13/18
e-tender notice for petty repair & renovation of store room. 8/9/18
Tender notice for supply of tents & tarpauline shade, printing, hiring of generator, electrical supply & connection etc 8/9/18
e-Tender notice for construction, repair and maintenance of small go down and roads in different districts. 8/9/18
Tender notice for selection of Charted Accountants Firms, as Statutory Auditor for Roopkala Kendro. 8/8/18
Tender notice for Petty repair & renovation of office & store verandah roof. 8/8/18
e-Tender notice for Development and construction of Bituminous Road in various districts 8/6/18
e-tender notice for petty repair & renovations of major office. 8/6/18
Tender notice for Annual disinfecting, cleaning & repairing works 8/3/18
e-Tender notice for Canteen equipments item of East Police Station & Police Line 8/3/18
e-Tender notice for construction & repairing of roads, buildings in different districts. 8/1/18